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Writer's Block: Film therapy

Are there any movies you watch when you're feeling anxious or depressed? If so, what are they, and what about them calms you down and/or lifts your spirits?

well,, it depends on my mood... . my heart.. wat to see

bt i usually prefer romantic drama movies... which r my favourite.......lik socha na tha,, saathiya,, mp3, titanic,, raise ur voice.. valentine's day... n so many....

Writer's Block: Lucky pants

Do you have a lucky or unlucky piece of clothing? If you have a lucky garment, when do you wear it and what sort of luck has it brought you? If you have an unlucky piece of clothing, why do you keep it? Do you ever wear it just to see what happens?

hmm,, truly speaking.... i dont hav any unlucky kinda dresses... wid me.. or u can say ,, i dont think lik tat way.. tat cus of dis dress.. i had a bad day.......or worst experience.

so i can say,, i consider all my garments lucky ones...........ya,, bt hav special oness.. which i can wear for special occasionss........or i buy the new oness!!!

Writer's Block: Raining cats or dogs?

Do you have a decided preference between cats and dogs? Which do you prefer, and why? Would you consider a roommate or partner who had a contrary pet proclivity?

well i love both.. but i prefer a dog....as they r sweet n naughty ...
n im planning to keep a dog.. hoping my partner wouldnt mind it.....

Writer's Block: Sweet and solo

Have you ever made up an excuse to avoid a social obligation so you could spend the evening by yourself? Do your friends and/or family understand when you need some quality time alone?

many timess... i hav avoided..... sometimess i lied to my frndss.. and sometimes they undrstnd ,, tat im low.....

Writer's Block: Single pride day

Given that we're less than a week out from Valentines, how do you feel about the approaching holiday? Will you participate or abstain? If you're not in a relationship, how will you celebrate your single status?

well,,for now im single and i m enjoyin my status...... so valentine's day is juss a lik an another holiday for me.... hanging out wid my single frnds n movie.....and on that day too we r goin to do the same only........so theres nothin special abt it ..

well,, i consider this day to be really speciall...bt showing love and affection to my family n frndss...its not the only day too show our love... i do it wenever i get a chance.......

may be very speciall day for coupless... bt till now im not that lucky to celebrate tat day .... wid somone speciall...........
Given the choice, would you rather sleep in or eat a delicious breakfast? Is there any food you love so much that you'd wake up at dawn or travel a great distance just to eat it?

well.. i would rather eat my favourite food............ and i'll be ready to travel a long distance too...cus i love to eat....wid my group.

Writer's Block: Top ten playlist

What is your top-ten song list? What was it when you were a kid? Is there any overlap?

hmm,, when i ws a kid.. got to get my head down in my childhood...
well,, i cant tell wat ws my fav song.... i used to listen to indi pop n some hindi movie songss..n ya i recalld, in english... barbie song and dr jones... and titanic my heart goes on...

now also,, i really love dis song... it is my all time favourite.. my heart goes on..

top ten song list.. now.. it changess a lot.. but there r some songss which i cant delete frm my ipod...n these songss are..

my heart goes of - titanic
suno na - hindi movie song jhankar beats
just so you know - jesse mc cartney
white horse - taylor swift
bottom of the ocean - miley cyrus
i hate everything about you - 3 days grace
piya basanti - indi pop ustad sultan khan chitra
love just is - hilary duff
neele neele ambar par - old hindi movie song
the other side of the door - taylor swift

oh,, its ten.. i sill hav some songss left...
happy ending - avril , halo - beyonce , someone's watching over me - hilary duff , this love - veronicas... oh,, list is still goin on and on....

Writer's Block: The one that got away

Do you believe in the concept of a soulmate? Do you think you've met him or her? Do you ever worry that "the one" got away?

ya,, i very much believe in d concept of soulmate .. itss true,, somewhere out in dis world.. there is some one really special...

Writer's Block: Sick day

wen im sick,, i need my mom the most........no one else... n i would be better at home... takin' rest.............

When you get sick, do you prefer to go it alone or be doted upon by a friend, partner, or parent? Do you usually go to work or school or stay home?

What is the longest uninterrupted period of time you've ever watched TV? Were you alone or with a friend/partner? Do you tend to watch more TV when you're happy, depressed, or simply bored?
hmmm,, tv,,, lonest time would be 7-8 hourss.. watchin my fav movies comin... one after another..... not becus i ws bored.... bt i luv them,, n i had time,, or i can say,, i managed time.... to wach it....wen i ws in school,, i ws really a tv addict..... wenever i got time,, or i watchd my daily soaps.... instead of doing homework...... n wake late nite or woke up more early in morning.. to complete it....